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A Great Logo Design Should Inspire Confidence

Your brand has a story, an identity and a personality. Let us portray it the perfect way!

Creating a logo design that reflects your businesses core values is the first important step in developing a powerful brand personality that engages and helps your company stand out. Your logo design should be a platform to develop your brand and company. The design should instantly convey what your company is all about in the simplest and clever visual representation possible.

Look professional

It’s imperative your logo design is designed professionally, as it is the first point of contact for your customers, appearing on all of your marketing materials. The message your logo conveys must reflect your company sector and yet look modern, inviting and fresh. Your logo design and name must immediately communicate what your company sells.

Look the part

Your logo design can say so much and you and your business, from friendliness and service to quality and personality. If your logo looks great then your company personnel will feel great about the company – and that is how your customers will feel too! You should be proud of your logo. It is the representation of your company values. If your logo looks complicated, dated and dull, then that might be how your clients perceive your services or products to be.

Our fresh approach

All of our designs that we submit to you are fresh, original and fit for purpose, well researched and relevant. They will all work well and the choice you get is of a high standard. As we have 30 years experience as branding designers and understand the provenance behind powerful effective branding and logo creations, then you would expect no less.

Get started now

To get started today we will send you a briefing sheet to complete as a part of our research. This gives us an understanding of the positioning of your company and allows you to guide us with the requirements you want included. With a choice of three to four logos for you to select one, we are sure you will be thrilled with the designs we develop. All our logos are delivered in any of the industry standard formats you require included in the price, just let us know what you need. We use Adobe CC for all our design work.

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