Improve Your Campaign with Google Ads Ad Extensions

Improve Your Campaign with Google Ads Ad Extensions

If you know about (PPC) pay-per-click ad, you may already know about the Google Ads. Google ads are the best program with PPC campaign, which makes your ads, appears at the top of the results.

If you want leads, you can use these ads to drawn a lot of them. As the matter of fact, visitors who arrive via PPC are 50% more likely to convert than visitors who arrive via organic means. So, investing in PPC could bring you incredible leads.

Generally, most of the leads can be achieved through Google Ads but it is not the only way. There are several other ways that you need to consider if you want to gain even better leads. Your firm will generate best and most legitimate leads that you will be able to nurture towards conversion by utilizing these capabilities, we call extensions.

Extension of Locale

If you own a business which is local as well extended to several localities, Google Ads campaign can be enhanced with a great option called location extension. This locale extension allows the users, who search for your business, to see your exact place of your business.

When users find your ad on the SERP, your address will be seen on the bottom of Ad. Along with the address, there will be a map market symbol. Local customers who already know the location will be attracted towards your business giving your business more brand recognition.

If your ad is searched on mobile device, the locale extension button will provide directions toward your business immediately. The users who want to visit business, location extension feature is easy yet useful. Using these local extensions will help you attract more local customers. Leads will be able to see your address and know exactly where to go if you provide it.

If you aim to drive local Website Traffic, you should use location extension feature on your PPC ads campaign. This is one of the best features to get local leads and convert them into customers.

Make sure you use location extension wisely. This extension is intended for those business owners who want their customers to come physically to their place of business. If your business model reaches to the customers then you do not need this extension option.

Site-link extensions

You can use Sitelink extensions to add more links to your advertising. You usually only have one link to send people to a specific page on your site when you start your ad. You can add numerous links to your ad using the sitelink extension.


Customers will be directed to particular pages on your website via these links. You’ll be able to observe how many people click on the additional links against the main link in your ad. It will also assist you in gaining a better understanding of what customer demands and what they expect from your website.


When searched on Google, these links can be seen under the ad as one liner or in short paragraphs. Display feature is decided by Google itself all you have to make sure is that links look amazing in any format.


These links are ideal for running seasonal and short-term promotions. Users can be directed to your seasonal event, which will draw them to your company.

Sitelink extensions also assist mobile users because they eliminate the need to click on numerous pages. Instead, readers are taken to the appropriate pages when they click on these links.

Click-to-text extensions

Using the call extension, you may generate a large number of leads willing to call your company. What about other potential customers who are shy or not comfortable with this design. How can you make sure that your PPC ad captures these leads?


The ideal way to capture these leads is to use a click-to-text extension, sometimes known as a messaging extension. This is a terrific choice for any of your leads who prefer messaging to calling or who conduct searches on their mobile devices.


This extension allows your audience to contact your company by sending a message. They can discover more about your services by clicking on your ad and sending a message to your company. It’s a terrific approach to get prospects to interact with your ad and acquire leads.


If your leads are hesitant to call, you should not miss out on potential consumers. You may capture these leads for your company by using the click to text plugin.

Callout extension

The callout extension is a terrific alternative for your business if you want to add extra crucial details to your PPC ad. This plugin allows you to add descriptive components to your website to entice visitors and choose your company above the competition.


Many businesses will provide various details about their company, services, or products in their descriptions. These are distinct selling elements that will persuade clients to choose your company above others. Long lines of text just won’t do, but rather brief descriptions of your company will suffice.


Free shipping and custom plans are some of the examples of callout extensions. These short key phrases are so catchy and attractive that they tempt your customers to stay loyal with your business and product. You should use call out extension in your ad because many potential customers pay attention to small details.

Structured snippets

Another excellent way for your company to include more information in your ad is using structured snippets. You will be allowed to include information about your products, services and brands in your ad by using this snippet. You can categories different aspects of your business to entice people in your audience when you employ structured snippets.

If you have a tech company, the services for you to include will be: social media marketing, ecommerce and web designing. Presence of these services make absolute the purpose and services of your company to the users. This helpful feature will inform your reader about your services without entering you website.

Automated ad extensions

Programmed extensions are ad extensions that Google produces and displays automatically on your ads. If the extension is expected to boost the performance of your ad, Google will do so.

If your adverts have any automated extensions activated go to: 

If you want to see automated extensions, you must go to the settings. This is where you can enable and disable any options you want.

This list also suggests offers made by Google to serve sitelinks, structured snippets and callout extensions.

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To get good leads for your personal business, you must know the use of Google Ads. Google ads along with ad extension can not only better your campaign but can do wonders for your business. These extensions don’t only provide leads but convert able leads. 






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