Guide to Paid Advertising For Small And Big Businesses

Whether your business is small or you are running a million dollar business by implementing digital advertisement strategy correctly, you’ll be able to successfully grow your online presence, and ultimately you’ll be able to convert your visitors into customers. Digital Marketing is back-breaking if you don’t really know what, how and when to target your audience.

If your ads aren’t well thought out, you most likely won’t get the outcome you’re hoping for and all of your investment will bring nothing in return.

Here are some tips and tricks for you to ensure you receive maximum return on your digital marketing investments.

Optimize your landing pages

The key element of your advertising funnel is the landing page. Landing pages decide whether you’ll get the sale or not. It’s like a salesperson that can either bring money for you or loose it if not properly prepared.

Here’s how you can better your landing pages:


1. Clearly state the purpose of your landing page.

2. Remove every distracting links that can make your buyers leave your landing page without paying.

3. Add your buyer’s reviews on the landing page to gain the buyer’s trust.

4. Keep you landing page focused on 1 goal only.

5. Its optional but hire a professional to create the landing page for you. Its 75% more convertible.

Target the right audience

Almost every campaign that is not targeted to the right audience in meant to fail. Do not display your ads to the audience that is not interested in products or services. There are so many specified audiences that you can target on whatever platform you might be using to advertise your product/services. Use the best of your advertising platforms and convert the maximum visitors to buyers.


If you are running an online business and not remarketing, that’s just absurd. You can get 40%-60% more conversions from your remarketing campaigns. You can create custom audiences using your advertising platform tools and retarget the buyers whom were willing to buy your product or service but couldn’t at the moment. These audiences are also called look-a-like audiences. These look-a-like audiences can bring you more leads/sales with confidence.

Analyse the user data (User being the potential buyer/client)

Track your user’s data by using your advertising platform tools. This can help you find the areas in your paid advertising funnel that cause low rate conversions. After detecting such areas, improve them and make a clean and clear funnel for your buyers to go through and make a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Pay heed to digital marketing side of your business. It will surely help you grow your business faster. Although handling all this is a pain in the a*s but you are in ecommerce world. There is solution for every problem. Help us get you more conversion rates and manage your online business. See how we deal with this online market and figure out how helpful our services can be for you.



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