Ebay Account Management Our Experienced eBay Team Focuses on delivering a seamless online
shopping experience that supports positive engagement and improves
conversation rate. We assign skilled account manager to help you get
the most out of your product listing by improving your product visibility
and thoughtfully manageing your sale promotions and inventory.

eBay Marketplace

EBay.Com is one of the largest marketplace to sell products online. Tech2Globe, we would provide you a person with complete knowledge on eBay.Com management and you could focus on your core area i.e. business. Subsequently, it will ease the pressure on you and reduce the cost of having staff onshore. For successful online selling, you have to make your products more visible and stand out among the peers on various marketplace. Tech2Globe as an eBay.Com e-commerce services provider enables sellers to sell their products on eBay.Com marketplace.

Our Expertise

Skilled eBay Team

Our Team is Highly Skilled in E-commerce channels such as Amazon, eBay, SEO, Website Development, All of our employees go through continuous training and development programs.

Account Manager

We appoint an account manager on your account who works from day one and resonsible of your staff onboarding, performance and daily reporting.


Our team works on your schedule which makes communication much easier with your onsite team much easier. You can reach out to us via UK phone number, Whatsapp, or by contacting us on website.

Cost Effective

There is no long-term contract and agency fee. Our outsourcing packages cover the of cost of re-hiring and re-training of new E-commerce consultant in the case of replacement your E-commerce consultant.

What services We Provide

  • Manage and creating listing
  • Bulk listing from files
  • listing template
  • Amending listing directly on eBay
  • Listing online Auction
  • Item Specification
  • Revising Items
  • Order management
  • Order recombining postage costs
  • Cancelling an Order for refunds
  • How to deal with return request
  • Printing Post Lable
  • Order defect Removal
  • Shop Manager
  • EBay General Announcement
  • Shop Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Campaigns
  • Managing Advertisement Using different Tools and Programs
  • Sending invoices
  • Checking cancellation reports
  • Checking Return Reports
  • Resolution Center
  • Dealing with Appealing a case
  • Manage Application
  • Excess Inventory Reports
  • Listing Analysis
  • Ebay Growth
  • Checking account information
  • Task tab
  • Monitoring BSR of Items
  • Removal of negative feedback
  • File management center
  • Ebay activity tab

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