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At ESOLS, We help sellers in appealing suspensions and regaining access to their accounts.

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Amazon suspensions can happen to anyone at any time, and they are usually unexpected. When something like this happens, it’s natural to panic. Most of the time, Amazon does not explain why our account was suspended and refuses to discuss it with us. The wrong thing to do is to make an unreasoned appeal. It is acceptable to delay the appeal. Before sending an appeal, we must resolve all outstanding issues.

About Us

We understand the devastation that Amazon Seller Account Suspension can cause to your business. Amazon marketplace may be the primary source of income for many of you. ESOLS has assisted numerous businesses through the appeals process. We cannot guarantee a positive outcome, but we will write an effective appeal on your behalf. We can assist with majority of Amazon suspensions, including policy violations, brand-related suspensions and seller performance-related suspensions.

Our Expertise

Amazon allows users to appeal their decision. Whether you violated the Business Agreement, did not follow the Condition Guidelines, were accused of selling counterfeit items, or had a high late shipment rate, you still have a chance to have your Amazon seller account reinstated. We collaborate with you to provide the stability and growth to your seller account occupancy through services such as suspension appeal, sales boost and many more. So get in touch with us for a quicker and more effective journey as a seller!

Our Vision

Optimizing your listing matters, as it is a key point in your seller metrics and contributes in converting your sales to a top notch Scale. Our Amazon Listing Experts has worked with individual sellers and brands in every sector, industry. Whether you want to optimize for a new product launch or you want to boost sales of your already-listed products, you are at the right place.

Our Strategy

We examine your account statistics and seller performance emails to determine the cause of the suspension, but we also request an honest response to help us understand your situation faster and write an effective appeal and plan of action. Our expert team has tons of experience selling on Amazon and can help you with any issues you may experience.