Amazon Seller Account Management

At ESOLS, Our experts have been serving the Amazon sellers for 10+ years. We have worked with seller from £5,000 monthly revenue to £20,0000 monthly revenue. We can make your profits double with our expertise.

Our sales growth model is the foundation of the work we do; training, mentoring, strategizing and account management. ESOLS helps major multinational brands with their expansion strategies on Amazon. With a hands-on approach, our experts coach brands and handle their accounts, and we also provide starting packages for beginners on Amazon.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by Amazon marketplace complexity. ESOLS seller account management team removes the complexity by finding the best solutions for every problem that our client might face.

You can count on our services:

Our team has more than 10 years of combined experience working with Amazon and the brands that sell on it. We can help you save time and grow faster across different Amazon markets.

Our solutions are workable and ready to be implemented, so we don’t waste any time reaching your goals. We have a proven track record of boosting sales by over five times in an average of two years.

ESOLS can get your business to the top of Amazon’s pages. Rise above your competitors, go global, and see your sales scores – Contact Us Today!

Amazon Sellers Appeal Suspensions

Amazon Account & Case Management Services

There is a lot to handle if you are a seller on amazon. You won’t have the time to manage all of it even if you work 10 hours a day NO WEEKENDS OFF!
When you receive bulk orders, risk of damaged items or late shipment can end up in A to Z claims OR Chargeback claims you’ll need a team to handle all of your seller account activities and make profitable strategies for your business so you can have more time to make plans for growing your business.

Why do Sellers need a team for Amazon Account Management?

Managing an online store account like amazon can never be easy for sellers that handle all of their work on their own. There are tons of tasks that need to be done straight away on daily basis which can be very stressful to a single man.

Having a professional team handling all of your daily business tasks is not a privilege’s but a necessity to success. Here are some point that can clear our argument:


A single person can work a whole day or a whole week to build up a strategy. Where a team of professionals can do it in an hour.

Professional responses

Experts will response to all of the query, returns,  Cases and defects more efficiently and in a proper way.

Loophole Discoveries

If your online selling abilities are in danger, you’ll panic and response to the threat immediately. Where experts will research to the core of the problem and find a loophole to get you out of the threat’s sight.

Time freedom

Handling over your business to a professional team can give you advantage of more time to invest on your future strategies.

Keeping record

Keeping your daily task record can be exhausting. Professionals can make daily reports by hourly done tasks for you.


Professionals go through all sorts of serious threats and tasks daily. They can achieve more in less time for you as they’ve got more experience.

Our expert Amazon account management team has the tools and expertise to help.

  • Chart your course
  • Optimize your profitability
  • Monitor your Amazon account
  • Free up your time
  • Manage and report on your Amazon sales growth

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